Not the best picture as I didn’t have tripod with me so I had to use stone and few sticks but I love it as it is the first picture and fist walk Hamideh and I had together after Kian came to our life. Viva Kian o Nikki.


(Please click on the picture for full view) I will upload few pictures I took with Google Nexus P6. Its easy to take panorama pictures. They are not artistic and I have no intention of telling or showing that they are. Unlike years ago I will upload pictures just for sake of memories.


Porcelain crab in its anemone host.

Porcelain crabs are decapod crustaceans in the widespread family Porcellanidae, which superficially resemble true crabs. They have flattened bodies as an adaptation for living in rock crevices. They are delicate, readily losing limbs when attacked, and use their large claws for maintaining territories.

Porcelain Crab